St John’s Cathedral, or ‘Sint-Janskathedraal’, in Den Bosch is different than other Gothic Cathedrals. Or so it felt for me. It is not situated within a grand open square. One has to walk around the church at close range and crank your head up in order to view the magnificent detail of the Gothic towers. I visited the Cathedral twice, and each time I was the only tourist within the garden surrounding it. For a split second I was able to imagine how it must have felt to live during the middle ages.


  1. I’m always amazed at Cathedrals, and how they are placed in the towns that have them; and even more anbout how the architecture tells you about when the town was important and/or wealthy, amongst other things.

    We enjoyed Sint Janskathedraal a lot too; though I am not sure our pictures quite match yours.

  2. Madeleine

    Ongelooflike mooi katedraal en jou foto’s laat reg geskied aan die detail binne en buite. Elke keer wat ek die voorreg het om ‘n mooi ou katedraal te besoek, staan ek van vooraf verstom oor die argitektoniese en ingenieursvernuf van daardie era en dit voor enige rekenaar of ander elektroniese hulpmiddels… verstommend!

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