Tomorrow is the start of my long anticipated two-month Euro-trip. In my current state of nervous excitement I thought about all the fantastic postcards I've received from different parts of the world. Here is a selection of my favourites. (Most of the postcards are from Europe, because all of my closest friends seem to have an affinity for the continent.)

The photograph was bought in Paris, but sent from Amsterdam >> from Gussie

Sent from Berlin – Instructions on how to fold a tie >> from Kristie

Sent from Berlin – Illustration by Rinah Lang & Romy Blümel >> from Kristie

Sent from Bruges – the postcard was damaged by the Cape Town winter rain >> from my parents

Sent from Ecuador – my friend personalized it >> from Jessica

Sent from Venice – Peggy Guggenheim on the roof terrace of her home in the late 1950s >> from Vanya

Sent from Madrid >> from Vanya

Sent from Barcelona >> from my parents

Sent from Africa Burn festival in the Karoo, South Africa >> from Gussie


  1. I love postcards too…this makes me want to send some to friends again

  2. These are very cool…. both as stand alone art and as emblems of a more genteel era.

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