Philly’s South Street

South Street is a quirky and famous street in Philadelphia. It has an arty vibe with some street art galleries, comic book stores, vinyl shops, vintage and boutique clothing, bars and restaurants. But it also has a sleazy undertone, with some weird fetish shops. It’s a fun place to hang out at for an afternoon.

I recommend browsing in the shops and eating a ‘Philly cheese steak’ at Jim’s Steaks (it is a sandwich loaded with meat, cheese wizz and peppers).

There is even a website for South Street which lists most of the bars, restaurants and shops.

One of Isaiah Zagar’s many mosaic murals

'Art is the center of the world'

Another mural. There are many of these throughout Philadelphia.

Check out the people chilling in the windowsills

Condom Kingdom

Inside Condom Kingdom (these guys are hanging from the ceiling)

Jim's Steaks (best place to eat Philly Cheese Steak)

Inside Jim's Steaks

The famous Philly Cheese Steak - do not judge it by its looks

Spot 'Die Antwoord'

Support the Arts - tip your waitress 20%

Look at the line-up

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