Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a fascinating art house located on Philly’s quirky South Street. The ‘Gardens’ is the creation of Isaiah Zagar – a mosaic mural artist whose work can be found on over 100 public walls throughout the city of Philadelphia.

“Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a mosaicked visionary art environment, gallery, and community arts center that preserves, interprets, and provides access to Isaiah Zagar’s unique mosaic art environment and his public murals. The Magic Gardens site, Zagar’s largest artwork, includes a fully tiled indoor space and a massive outdoor mosaic sculpture garden that spans half a block on Philadelphia’s famous South Street. Inside, visitors can view folk art statues, bicycle wheels, colorful glass bottles, Zagar’s hand-made tiles, and thousands of glittering mirrors. The installation pays tribute to Zagar’s artistic influences, along with community and personal experiences.” – from the gallery’s site

It is a fascinating place. I could easily spend a whole day there. Zagar gives a lot of attention to detail. I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves:

'IN A DREAM' - Documentary and feature film that chronicles Isaiah Zagar's work and tumultuous relationship with his wife, Julia.

Booklet of 'IN A DREAM'

Purchase IN A DREAM here

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