Pretty Prague – Part II

Part II shows the area around Prague Castle and Little Quarter – the west side of Prague’s center.

View over Charles Bridge

On Charles Bridge

Upon exciting Charles Bridge into Mala Strana (Little Quater)

View from the castle grounds

The red building is St George’s Bastilica

St Vitrus’s Cathedral

St Vitrus’s Cathedral

The mosaic on St Vitrus’s Cathedral is amazing

Inside St Vitrus’s Cathedral. I love it when the colours of the stained glass windows reflect on the walls.

Sternberg Palace

The Loreto

Inside The Loreto

I want to chill on the roof of that building

On the top of a hill – the huge red metronome is a memorial signifying ‘changing times’ since the fall of the communist government.

The metronome

My friends Thomas and André

Trying to capture the view

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