Baltic Sea Ferry

The end of September marked the end of my short stay as an artist in residence in Turku. My mother came to visit at this point, and the two of us continued our Scandinavian journey by taking a ferry from Turku to Stockholm. The ferry ride is eleven hours, and you can either board a night or day journey. We chose the day trip so that we could enjoy the views of the sprawling archipelago between the Finnish and Swedish mainlands. We saw hundreds of tiny islands for hours on end. The only part where island sightings were sparse was in the middle of the Baltic sea.

The ferry is a economic way to travel between Scandinavian cities as it cost only 20 Euro per person per trip. The Baltic Sea ferries are famous for duty free alcohol, and some local people use the ferry ride as an opportunity to party. A duty free drink on a Scandinavian cruise is still much more expensive than a drink in South Africa! We chose to enjoy the scenery outside and tried not to stare  at the clusters of party people.









My mother.

My mother ♥.

All photographs by myself

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