Moomin Madness

Moomin is a well-loved children’s cartoon. My friends and I have fond memories of watching the show in Afrikaans when we were kids (some of them can still sing the entire intro song). I was surprised to discover that Moomin is a Finnish creation. The Finns are very proud of Moomin, and its legacy can be seen everywhere – from grocery items to antique stores to artist studios. Most of the following photographs were taken in Finland, but some are from Sweden. Moomin can be spotted in all the corners of Scandinavia.

The Moomin site is really nice.

Seen at the toy section in Turku Castle museum.

Seen in an artist’s studio.

The book given to me by the awesome people at Titanik Gallery.

Cushion cover I purchased in Stockholm.


  1. Hi. You must visit someday a picturesque town called Naantali in Finland, because there is the Moominworld. I am very happy that You know Moomins. Yet today they are popular in Japan. When I was young father, my children looked at television their adventures.

    Here is my post presenting Naantali (town of Moominworld). On some windows there are Moomin characters. In Naantali there are old wooden houses as in many of our coastal towns. If You will come to Finland, visit other towns than Helsinki (capital), because there are much more to see then in Helsinki.


    Finland is so small country that people do not know practically anything about it. Here are some highlights: We made Allure of the Seas, which is world’s biggest cruise ship (there is my post under Categories). We have world’s biggest wooden church (I have a post from it). Every winter we have world’s biggest snow castle which is re built every winter with new theme.

    Here is my post from it:

    World’s biggest Snow Castle 2011.

    If You decide to visit Finland during our summer time, then visit the Arctic Circle and rent a car, with which You can drive more to the North as we did driving up to Norway. I made 14 + 3 posts from our car holiday Beyond the Arctic Circle.

    Here is the first one having the link to the next:

    Beyond the Arctic Circle1.

    I wish all the good to You and once more, it was so nice that You know Moomins.

    • Thank you for your kind reply, Sartenada. The photographs on your blog are lovely. I enjoyed my time in Finland. Wish I could spend Christmas there this year.

  2. What a lovely post! I can’t wait to go to Finland. If you’re craving any Moomin sweets, are offering a wee discount for all my blog readers. See here for the code:

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