Turku Castle

The castle is a must-see in Turku. It’s huge, and parts of it houses different exhibitions. I enjoyed the rooms renovated to show the way the royal family lived in the seventeenth century. In general, I find historical Finnish design less ornate and more interesting than the designs from Central Europe. There are even things I would love to have in my house now! (Especially the wallpaper and some of the ceramics).

Turku Castle was established in the 1280s as the administrative castle of the Swedish Crown. The castle was originally built in the form of a rectangular fortified camp. The fortified camp became a closed castle in the early 14th century, and the castle was divided into a main castle and bailey. Under the Swedish Duke Johan between 1556 and 1563, Turku Castle was renovated into a handsome renaissance castle; this is when its main features became the size they are today.

Read more about the castle here.

The front view of the castle from within the courtyard.

There are at least some recognizable Swedish words for Afrikaans speakers.

A chapel inside the castle.

A ceramic tile with the emblem of one of the royal families that lived in the castle.

An example of the 17th century furniture used by the royal families who lived on the castle.

An example of the 17th century wall paper designs seen in the castle.

View of the castle from the street.

All photographs by myself

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