I am delighted to spend the month of September working as an artist in residence at a new media gallery in Turku, Finland. The city is small and quaint, and it is the oldest settlement in Finland. It is about two hours drive west from Helsinki.

The photographs are mostly taken on Abo Academy campus (where I’m staying) and the along the river Aura, where the gallery is situated. I enjoy the path between the campus and the gallery. I pass the thirteenth century Cathedral everyday. I’m still amazed by it, and I love to hear its clocks chime on the hour.

Turku Cathedral

The view opposite the place I’m staying. Love the style of this house.

One of the Abo Academy buildings.

Abo Academy

Campus accommodation. The building where I’m staying looks similar to this.

The Aura river runs through the city center.

People are enjoying the riverside while the weather is still nice.

A cafe next to the river.

The city library. It’s really nice inside.

Titanik Gallery is opposite the river, underneath the road.

Cute little cafe on campus, close to where I live.

Houses on campus.

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