Mauerpark is the venue of a large open-air market in Berlin every Sunday. The stalls range from second-hand goods to new design items, furniture, food and plants. There is also karaoke – judging by the enormous crowd a popular activity on a Sunday for Berliners.

The best part of the day was that my childhood friend, Karin, spotted me amongst the crowd! She recognized my Country Road dress (a popular clothing label in South Africa and Australia). Karin is studying fashion design in Berlin for two years. We were not aware of each others whereabouts. The world can be surprisingly small at times.

Gert and I at a coffee shop next to Mauerpark.

Live folk music. Great vibe for a picnic.

Gert and Dirk.

Karaoke at Mauerpark. It’s very popular.

Biggest crowd I’ve ever seen attending karaoke. The people performing were impressive.

The best part about Mauerpark is that my childhood friend Karin spotted me amongst the crowd! We were not aware that we both were in Berlin.

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