Berlin Art Museums

This series of photographs is not a sufficient overview of the art I viewed in Berlin. There are a number of impressive contemporary and modern art museums to see. I visited the Hamburger Bahnhof Contemporary Art Museum, The Bauhaus Archives and the Neue Nationalgalerie. All three of these are worth a visit.

Just a note: The Bauhaus Archives is not nearly as big and impressive as the other two galleries mentioned, but if you attended art school, or work in a design field, you will appreciate the history and artifacts of the Bauhaus movement.

Somewhere on the inside of Hamburger Bahnhof Art Museum.

Sculpture outside Hamburger Bahnhof.

Lights designed by Dan Flavin. This was the last project that Flavin worked on before his death in 1996. The fluorescent lights can be seen at various places on and in the building.

More Dan Flavin fluorescent light installations in the building. I love the contrast between old and new.

A corridor in Hamburger Bahnhof.

Interesting installation incorporating everyday objects (including plants). The name of the artist escapes me.

The Bauhaus Archives building.

Karin at a pop art painting inside the Neue Nationalgalerie.

Me at ‘Beta Zeta’ (1960) by Morris Louis at the Neue Nationalgalerie.

I like these minimalist sculptures. Reminds me of Kubric’s monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey (Neue Nationalgalerie).

Sculpture by Nam June Paik.


Note the shadows cast by the canvas. Shows the professionalism of the museum lighting.


  1. Madeleine

    Baie interessant en wat ‘n heerlike verrassing dat jy jou ou skoolmaatjie Karin in Berlyn raakgelopp het! Die wêreld IS klein.

  2. nini

    larita!jou Berlyn fotos is amazing!jy het die vibe van die stad so lekker vasgevang!jy maak dat ek sommer lus is om more op ‘n vliegtuig te spring en terug te gaan!hoop jy geniet die res van jou trip!

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