Pretty Prague – Part III

This is the last of my series of photographs of Prague. These pictures were mainly taken at Vyšehrad, a 10th century fortess on a hill, and Petřín Hill in the center of the city.

Part of the wall around Vyšehrad.

One of the views from the wall at Vyšehrad.

Notice the topless girl? They were doing a photo shoot.

Vyšehrad Rotunda

Part of the Cathedral at Vyšehrad.

In Vyšehrad cemetery.

At Vyšehrad cemetery.

The first signs of autumn at Vyšehrad.

The tram heading up steep Petřín Hill.

A path on Petřín Hill.

On Petřín Hill.

On Petřín Hill.

On the outskirts of the city center are many apartment blocks reminiscent of the communist regime. It stands in strack contrast to the picturesque parts of Prague.

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