Berlin – Mitte II

Berlin Cathedral

Altes Nationalgalerie

Garden at Altes Nationalgalerie

The War Memorial Neue Wache

Inside the War Memorial Neue Wache – a very poignant sculpture of a woman grieving the loss of a child. The sculpture stands alone in the large room with a circular hole in the ceiling above.

Berlin Opera House

A memorial for the Nazi Book Burning Memorial at Bebelplatz. Designed by Micha Ullman, it consists of a square of transparent perspex covering empty book cases below ground level.

The Berliner Bear. Seen everywhere.

My friend Gert. A talented painter and my host in Berlin.

The Chamber Music Hall where we attended a concert by theThe Berlin Philharmonic on the opening night of the Berlin Music Festival.

The inside of the Chamber Music Hall.


One comment

  1. Madeleine

    Ek kan sien jy het Berlyn gedoen en beleef! Wat ‘n interessante stad met sy geskiedenis en ongelooflike moderne argitektuur. Berlyn het my asem weggeslaan en my met ‘n vreemde hartseer gelos oor al die onreg wat so visueel uitgebeeld word.

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