‘s-Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch as the locals say, is a small city in southern Holland. My main reason for visiting was to see the place where the northern Renaissance artist Hieronymus Bosch lived and worked.

Established in the early 12th century, the city is one of the oldest in the Netherlands. It has an interesting historical past. “The city’s official name is a contraction of the Dutch des Hertogen bosch— ‘the Duke’s forest’. The duke in question was Henry I, Duke of Brabant, whose family had owned a large estate at nearby Orthen for at least four centuries.” – Wikipedia: Den Bosch.

Den Bosch has a wonderful laid-back atmosphere. I spent two days strolling the streets of the medieval town. By chance I arrived at almost the exact same time at the central station as Holland’s Olympic athletes! As a result the city had a festive vibe, with many visitors from other parts of the country welcoming the athletes with Dutch songs and orange flags. As in Amsterdam, the weather was exceptionally warm (for autumn in Europe).

During the last evening in Den Bosch my host, Catharina, and I went cycling though the old part of the city with it’s pretty street cafes and water channels. Actually, long-legged and athletic Catharina was cycling and I was sitting precariously on the back of her bicycle. The expression on my face was probably fluctuating between awe and terror.


  1. How interesting! I didn’t know about this city, thanks for sharing! Nice details too!

  2. This is not really a comment – I’d like to say that if there is a chance of Lisbon being on your way, and if you have the time, just drop me a line, I would very much like to say ‘Hello’!

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