Rembrandt van Rijn’s name is synonymous with art in Amsterdam. One of his masterpieces, The Night Watch, is the main attraction at the Rijksmusuem.

I aslo visited the Rembranthuis. The museum is worth a visit not only for getting a to know more about Rembrandt, but also to get a glimpse of the way upper middle-class people lived in Amsterdam during the 17th century. For me, the highlights at the Rembrandthuis are his studio and a room that displays his collection of strange and exotic objects (almost a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ – a popular trend among the rich of the Renaissance).

Staff at the museum give demonstrations on how Rembrant mixed his paints. I really enjoyed the enthusiastic demonstration, even though the information was not new to me. It was great to see real lapis lazuli stones among the ingredients used to make natural pigments. It reminded me of this mesmerizing non-fiction book I read in which the author traces the origins of colour pigments and dyes around the globe.

My photographs are not great quality, but I really want to share them.


  1. I like the armadillo pic.

  2. He lived pretty large by the looks of things

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