There are a number of markets to visit in Amsterdam, especially over the weekend. I stumbled upon a few. The Noorder Markt (close to Central Station) sells wonderful local food produce, flowers, books, clothes, hand-made jewellery, ceramics, etc. I also came across a small speciality food market next to Vondelpark where I tried traditional Dutch harring (a small raw fish served with onions and peppers). It is delightfully tasty! I also tasted strawberry chilly ice-cream. Refreshing.

Many of the other markets on the tourist route (like the ones at Waterlooplein and Rembrandtsplein) are a bit too predictable for my liking. Here you can find all the kitch souvenirs and cannabis paraphernalia. But I did see some some records, books, vintage dresses and second-hand leather bags I would not mind taking home if I had the capacity to do so.

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