Vermont Weekend

The weekend I visited Stratton Vermont with my uncle, aunt and two nephews, Louis and Jacques. We stayed at the Lombard’s (close family friends) condo.

The snow was exciting for me, even though it much lighter this season than other years. The boys hit the slopes on Saturday, while the girls went shopping in Manchester. (I did not feel confident enough to learn to ski in one weekend, and it’s expensive). Sunday a few of us went snow-shoeing. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, something new. I loved it – it’s great way to exercise.

Here are some pictures of the weekend. I was lazy this time, so most of the photo credits goes to Adrian (the Lombard’s son) and my uncle, Jaco-Louis. Oh, and I have to thank Judy and Jean Lombard for inviting me, it was a great weekend.

The Lombard's condo

Sun Bowl

Was a crowded weekend with the US Opens Snowboarding Championships

Snow. Slopes. Yay!

Jacques hitting the slopes

Adrian on the top of a slope

Amazing view for the top

Jaco-Louis with his ski's

Adrian and I with snowshoes

Louis (rocking a mustache)

Louis and I

Jacques and I

Jacques' snow board. Pretty cool.

Me making a fool of myself on Jacques' board

Shooting pool. Night life in Vermont.

Bear hug!

Outside book shop in Manchester

Picnic car spotted in Manchester. Want.

Melting snow on Sunday. It's amazing how quickly it started to disappear.

One comment

  1. Amanda engelbrecht

    Fun weekend, glad you got to experience the ski scene. Thank you Judy and Jean.

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