Long Island City

This past weekend I had a blast in Long Island City and Brooklyn.

My friend Adrian was my host in Long Island City. Adrian’s apartment in has an amazing view on Manhattan!

Room with a view

View on Manhattan from Adrian's Long Island City apartment. Wow.

We went bar hopping, starting at Dominie’s Hoek (which I read as ‘Dominie’s Hoer’ – translated in Afrikaans it literally means ‘pastor’s whore’).

Can you blame me for reading 'Dominie's Hoer'?

We tasted some interesting brews at Alewife Queens – a bar which specializes in boutique beers. I tasted beers made from ingredients I never knew existed. I’m recommending this place to my dad when he’s visiting New York later this year.

Alewife Queens

Dinner was at a lovely French restaurant in Long Island City. I truly enjoy the meals in NYC. Good quality, interesting recipes and decent portions. The lamb was suburb.

Fancy French fare

The lovely lamb dish

Thanks for being my host Adrian!


  1. Judy Lombard

    So glad Adrian gave you a taste of LIC! Your blog is awesome Larita! A great way to preserve your memories and impressions of New York.

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