MoMA: Part 1

I visited the Museum of Modern Art last week with my aunt. We decided only to see half the galleries in the museum. It’s too overwhelming (and somewhat impossible) to see everything in a single visit. We decided to focus on the collection of painting and sculpture, print and illustrated books and the Diego Rivera exhibition.

The building from outside. I like the clean modernist architecture.

View inside the MoMA unto the sculpture garden

Me in front of a modernist painting (the artist eludes me now...)

My aunt, Amanda, contemplating one of Pollock's most famous pieces

‘Diego Rivera: Murals for The Museum of Modern Art’ was great. Made me feel like watching the film Frieda again (for the 5th time). The exhibition gave some insight into the political situation that Rivera found himself in. This context made even more interesting. My favourite mural is ‘Agrarian Leader Zapata’.

Diego Rivera, 'Agrarian Leader Zapata' (1931)

The exhibition site for ‘Diego Rivera: ‘Murals for The Museum of Modern Art’ is very insightful.

The galleries showing the MoMA’s collection of paintings and sculpture has a great mixture of very famous works of art and some lesser know works by important artists. Entering some galleries is like walking into an art history text book. It’s quite overwhelming. I like to guess the artists and the titles of the work before I read the labels (my little-miss-know-it-all game). Here are some of my personal highlights:

De Kooning

Picasso, 'Les demoiselles d'avignon'


More Matisse!

Duchamp, 'Bicycle Wheel'

Richard Serra

Joseph Beuys

Roy Lichtenstein

Strange sci-fi egg sculpture of artist I cannot recall

Sarah Lucas

Katharina Fritsch, 'Figurengruppe' (2006–08)

Another view of 'Figurengruppe'


  1. Amanda engelbrecht

    The Starry Night was my favorite by far.

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