The Guggenheim

The iconic upside-down spiral of the Guggenheim Museum

I visited the Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue yesterday. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. My experience was largely influenced by the fact that most of the museum was closed for setting up a new exhibition, John Chamberlain’s ‘Choices’ (opening 24 Feb). I figured it’s okay if I miss it because I’ve seen Chamberlain’s metal sculptures at Dia:Beacon on the weekend (check them out here: The two shows on exhibition, The Kandinsky Collection and The Thannhauser Collection, shows an impressive collection of modernist paintings, but I wanted to see more.

Setting up an exhibition of John Chamberlain's sculptures. I love that one one there.

To be fair, I also had high expectations of the museum as I’ve been in the Guggenheim in Venice and Bilbao. The Guggenheim in Bilbao is one of my favourite art museums. It houses an exciting collection of contemporary art in a building thats been credited as ‘the most important structure of its time’ ( The shows are current and well presented, allowing pleasant viewing even for someone who despises art galleries (this was my particular experience with a friend on the day I visited the museum in Spain). These previous experiences made that my expectations where too high for the Solomon R. Guggenheim in NYC.

Either way, here are two of my faviourite works on display:

George Braque, 'Landscape near Antwerp', 1906

Pablo Picasso, 'Lobster and Cat', 1965

I find Brague’s painting really beautiful because of palate – pastel colours with brighter spots in-between. It’s pretty contemporary. An entire design range could be based on this painting.

My second fav, Picasso’s ‘Lobster and Cat’, is just simple and entertaining. A bit of comical relief among a horde of modernist paintings. Modernist version of LOL cats perhaps?

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