A short introduction

Hi there. I’m Larita Engelbrecht, a visual artist from Cape Town, South Africa. I’m currently completing work for an exhibition to be held in Stellenbosch.

2012 is an exiting year for me, as I will be combining two of my favourite things – art and travel. This blog will function as a diary of the things I see and do while exploring some of the most exciting cities in the northern hemisphere – including New York, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin and Helsinki (I’m aware that the term ‘most exciting’ is biased, but most European cities interest me, and New York is just…New York. Lately I’ve been obsessing over these particular places).

Despite the urge I feel to travel, my heart stays rooted in Cape Town. I also have a soft spot for Stellenbosch, the University town where I studied undergrad and postgrad fine art for a total of seven years.

Photo: my own

Photo: my own

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